'80s New Wave


Presented by Dirk Oddfellow

Join Dirk as he takes you on a sonic journey with some of the great and often over-looked tracks of the early New Wave, Punk and electronica movements.

Dirk hosts ‘Flashback’ (airs Monday-Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm PST). Flashback showcases music that Now Wave Radio considers the foundation of the station. From ’80s New Wave, punk/post punk and electronica to classic alternative tracks of the ’90s, Dirk offers it all with a side of Red Vines and German beer. Dirk and Dmitri (DJ and Program Director here at NWR) have worked together on several projects over the last 30 years – ranging from a pirate radio station to ill-fated entrepreneurial ventures via the backpage ads of TV Guide (we swear his record is clean, though). The universe has brought them together again here at Now Wave Radio. So spend an afternoon with Dirk and his show ‘Flashback’. Rest assured, he does not kiss and tell.