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Sounds Like • Jeri-Rig & V-Dub • 01-05-2023

micSounds LiketodayJanuary 5, 2023 3

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Sounds Like is back for 2023! 🍾 It’s DJs Jeri-Rig and V-Dub bringing you a fresh start to the new year with a jam-packed show full of great music. 🎹 Check out tracks from Battery Operated Orchestra, Engraved Garden, Blackbook, and Seattle’s own Jupe Jupe!  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! 🤯 We’ll throw in 9️⃣ more songs, absolutely 🆓❗️Check out our archives on the web at NowWave.Radio for a lot more goodies too, from your pals at Now Wave Radio! 🎧

Sounds Like