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Sounds Like • Jeri-Rig & V-Dub • 02-02-2023

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How about a story that 👂 SOUNDS LIKE 👂 something from the ’80s? 👩‍🎤  No?  OK, fine.  Then we’ll just introduce this latest collection of awesome music, 🎶 lovingly curated by your hosts DJs Jeri-Rig and V-Dub!  We’re talking Sacred Skin, Van She, and Bragolin, in addition to 🚨NEW🚨 music from Ladytron, Ringfinger, and Everything But The Girl!  RIGHT HERE 👉 on this latest episode of Sounds Like, on NowWave.Radio 📻 – where it’s the next wave of New Wave, 🌊 today!

Sounds Like