Sounds Like

Sounds Like • Jeri-Rig & V-Dub • 02-09-2023

micSounds LiketodayFebruary 9, 2023 5

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Ya’ll ready for another👂SOUNDS LIKE?!  It’s our 7️⃣2️⃣nd episode, and it’s chock full o’ chunky 🍫🍪 music goodness!  How ’bout Castlebeat, Wingtips, and Modernage for starters, then we’ll throw in some 💥BRAND NEW💥 sounds from LEATHERS and Obey Robots!  Oh yes! 😆 Right here!  On 👉SOUNDS LIKE👈 with DJs Jeri-Rig and V-Dub at 🎧 NowWave.Radio 🌊

Sounds Like