Sounds Like

Sounds Like • Jeri-Rig & V-Dub • 09-15-2022

micSounds LiketodaySeptember 15, 2022 1

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There once was a show called Sounds Like,

With two DJs and a hot mic.

While talking alone,

In walked Ms. Bone,

And finished the show on a pink trike.

Listen to the newest installment of Sounds Like to find out more!  And we promise no more bad poetry.  But we DO promise lots of great music from Boy Harsher, Mercury Machine, Class Actress, Dead Lights, and approximately 00:41:27.46 worth of other awesome bands!  SRSLY!  So check us out world-wide on NowWave.Radio, 365 x 24, and LIVE at Noon Pacific!

Sounds Like